Human is a social being who need interaction with others to adapt and survive the environment. If you like to travel and study in the different place, you would probably experience many different habits everytime you come to the new place and you will learn something new again and again. It would be great if you are able to adapt and fit the society in … Continue reading F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Study Abroad 101

I’m so lucky to have really good parents who facilitate me to have many rare opportunities in my life. For example, my experience to study abroad in Singapore. I went to Singapore in 2013 to have Bachelor in Psychology. It’s not an easy journey but it is unforgettable memories for me. My journey starts when I apply for my Foundation before my degree. But, This … Continue reading Study Abroad 101

The Best Teacher in Life

To be a person who has a good personality and good skills, we need good people to support our progress and teach us more. Learning is a lifetime experience, means we will never stop learning every day. Have you ever think, who is the best teacher in your life? your middle school teacher?  Your mom? Your university lectures? The answer is yes. All of them … Continue reading The Best Teacher in Life