Beautiful Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

What do you understand about being beautiful? Is that the physical looks? A personality? I know many people will have different perception and meaning of beauty. Also, each culture has a different standard to defines the meaning of beauty. Some culture perceives beauty by looking at a girl’s feet, some put a lot of rings on their neck, another culture use tattoo and much more … Continue reading Beautiful Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

Getting Older or Become More Mature

On my 23rd birthday, I’m so happy that surrounded by my family. This is my first year after 5 years abroad celebrating my birthday with them. Since I was young, I always ask myself the meaning of birthday in people life, especially in my life. Is that the party? Is that the decoration? Is that the present? Or the cake and the song? I know … Continue reading Getting Older or Become More Mature

The Princess Effect

This blog will discuss a quite different kind of topic. I’ll try to write about what I learn as a Psychology student and relate it to something that closes to us. Pardon my very limited knowledge and please correct me if I’m wrong. Let me ask you. Who is your favorite Disney Princess? and Why do you like them? From a long time ago until … Continue reading The Princess Effect