The Begining

In English, “ceritaku” can be translated as “My Story.” My name is Vania Devina Dharmadi, but people call me Vania. I like to write a diary when I was a kid since I don’t have many friends at my school, neither my society. I feel like writing is my method to do meditation and heal my self. I started this blog as an internship project, and I like to continue it since I want to write and tell my story.

People like to show the best version of themselves in society. I like to do that too, but sometimes keeping the secret, untold story or dark side about myself makes me tired. Have you ever feel that?

After moving to study abroad, I discover many things about myself, which are not always good. Relax! As an introvert, being abroad is hard. For example, I need to have friend but I don’t like to make any. But, living by myself make me open my eyes wider about the world around me. All good and bad experiences have developed me to become a stronger version of myself. Well, I’m not the best writer, but I hope my story can inspire you, or at least you don’t need to go through the same thing as me.