Yes! I Nailed My Job Interview in China

Are you planning to find new experiences for your career?

If you follow my social media, especially LinkedIn. You must know I’ve been working as an HR and Operations Manager in Hangzhou. I went to Hangzhou in 2018 to learn Chinese and started my career in Hangzhou right after I manage to pass my HSK 4 test in 2019.

After working in China from 2019 under HR Department, I found some people failed their first interview because of minor mistakes. For example, they are not on time or they don’t answer the question.

However, if you want to expand your career in China, perhaps my tips can help you to succeed in your interview in China! 

Despite the fact we can’t ignore some standards of preparation for an interview, such as arriving on time and doing company research, when you decide to have interview in China, there are several tips you will need to know that can help your further preparation.

I know LinkedIn is a popular platform that you will find everywhere – to get more information about job opportunities in China, you might need the specific platform in China or it will be great if you have friends in China who can give you extra help to get a better and faster result. You can check eChinacities or HiredChina for the similar job opportunity platform.

Let start from the beginning, replying to the interview invitation. I found many applicants reply to the invitation with too friendly words. Another important point when you decide to reply to the invitation email or meet the recruiter for the first time is to be polite and not too friendly. I understand, many of you know that Chinese people are friendly and warm, but showing too much emotion can be considered impolite behavior in the first meeting.

Get to know the company.

Some people not take this as an important aspect, for me this is one of important things where you can get attention from the recruiter during the interview. Remember, research the company is important! 

During the interview, when I meet someone who knows about our company or does some research before the interview, I assume they put more effort into the interview.

Business situation, job interview concept.

In my experience, I will know if the candidates come to the interview well-prepared or not based on their questions and answers. Knowing more information about the company will boost your confidence during the interview and make you stand out from other candidates.

The most popular question during the interview is “what makes you the best candidate for us”. I suggest you answer this question with the way you perceive your responsibilities and grow together with the company. Sometimes, when we hire a new team we do not only need people who have good grades and many experiences, we also need people with a good heart and good behavior to work together. Based on that question, we also want to know how you will encounter the problem and come out with a new and fresh solution for the team. We always need someone who can bring new insight not only the followers.

Keep in mind during the first interview, try to avoid talking about salary. Since China is indirect culture, you can try to negotiate when you already receive the offer from the company – unless the recruiter asks you in the first interview. To decide the basic salary for yourself, I usually will do research about the average salary in that specific industry and use that standard to calculate my expected salary based on my value. In my experience, we discuss it after I passed my second interview (one of the hardest interviews for me).

Try to speak Chinese and be modest about yourself.

Are you learned Chinese? If you speak some Chinese or are better if you are fluent, make an effort to speak Chinese during the interview. It will boost your profile and make them well impressed and appreciate your effort.

#QuickNote. Most of the companies will speak Chinese during office hours and discussions, so speaking Chinese will level up your profile.

Try to prepare some related vocabulary in advance and learn some relevant phrases you might need during the interview. For example, you can start to introduce yourself, educational background, and achievement in Chinese if you put “Chinese” under your particular section on the resume. When you show your effort and your interest in the Chinese language and culture, recruiters always give it as a plus point for your interview. 

During the interview, try not to talk too much about yourself. Try to get the balance between talking about your skills and try to understand what the recruiter wants to hear talk about.

You must be familiar with the “what is your weakness and strength” question during the interview. During the interview, try not to talk too much about yourself. Try to balance your answer. When you meet that question during the interview, I suggest you explain the weaknesses first, followed by how you can cover or conceal your weakness by mentioning your strengths.

Lastly, if you are planning to work in China, it will be better if you provide your resume in two languages and include your WeChat ID before you submit your resume to the company. #goodluck

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