How To Get Information About Job Vacancy in China?

For some people working overseas can be one of their dreams on the bucket list, the same as I do. Yes, working abroad and starting my career from the first step is one of the biggest dreams on my bucket list.

Meeting and working with people abroad help me to develop my mindset, problem-solving and help me to create new ideas for myself and the company’s growth. I believe wherever we work, we will always learn from everyone, and it will make you mature to solve the problem and to develop the skills too.

After I graduated in 2017 and have an internship, I want to pursue a bigger dream and learn my third language ( that was my initial plan). I went to Hangzhou at the end of 2018 to learn the language and culture to boost my resume and get a better opportunity in the future, but the universe has a different plan for me. I got my first job in China right after my HSK4 test (you can read about my journey learning Chinese here).

I can consider myself very lucky at that time because I got the information from one of my friends who work in that company. After I know about the availability of the job, the offer from that company, and some other details about the company, I decided to apply. It takes around 2 weeks in total to know the final decision from the company. This is one of the most important points, it will be better if you have the HSK 4 Certificate when you decide to work in China (you will get a higher chance).

If you ask me how to get information about job vacancies in China, I can tell you some of the options, but remember that I’m not an expert. All stories are based on my story, so maybe you can take it as a little advice and you can do depth research about it too. Here some advices:


This is the most common and the easiest way you can do to looking for a job in a related company. You can go to their website, learn about the company and go to the “career” section for the job vacancy information. On the website usually, you don’t need to do much company research since most of the information will be under one website. The benefit of looking for an opportunity on the website is you will know more about the service and what you can do to improve too.


LinkedIn, another common platform you can use to spread your connection and to get more opportunities to work in China. In my company, we use LinkedIn a lot to make more connections and to seek more potential employees. This is why it is important to have a good profile on LinkedIn. You may get someone offering you a job interview on LinkedIn too.

On LinkedIn, you will see the who work in the company and you can know about the company too. It will help you to know if that company is good and suitable for you. LinkedIn profile will help you to get a better opportunity too, try to complete sections on LinkedIn to show your capability and achievement too.

You can try to apply your resume to some of the company, but remember LinkedIn have their filter created by the company. The more complete your profile, the more skills you have, and the better your resume on LinkedIn, you will get a higher chance to pass the filter and get direct contact to the HR Department.

Another way to know the position availability, once you go to the company profile, you will see who works for the company. You can try to reach out to the person who works under the HR Department to know about the availability or you can add them to your connection.

Social Media

As some of you may know, China has very limited social media access. Only most of the ex-pats and people who have access to VPN can open the common social media like FB and Instagram. However, you can still find some job vacancies on social media too. Some companies currently start to have social media and promote their services and products to enter the international market. This is a good opportunity for you to get information about the opportunity to work in China.

Another way to know about working in China is to join the group on social media, there are a lot of groups handled by an ex-pat or local people in China who can help you looking for an opportunity in China. Usually, people will share the requirement, position, and offer in the group. In that case, you will find more options. Before you decide to apply, don’t forget to do the company research to prepare for your interview or just to know more about the company.

Relatives (seniors, friends, anyone you knows from China or currently working in China)

Business situation, job interview concept.

WeChat is the most popular communication platform in China. If you have WeChat and you have relatives in China, you can ask them to invite you to the group where people are sharing about the job vacancies. You can join some of the groups on social media as I mentioned before, but if you join the WeChat group, you will get more chances to meet people who hire for the related company.

It is better when you know someone who already works in China, you might get the network and information from them. You can ask about your desire position or any job vacancy available in the related company. When you already know someone working in China, you can consult with them about the working culture, environment, and tips to work in a related company. This is good because you can prepare your application better.

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