Not going out, just being outdoor to feel the sun.

How are you guys doing recently? We’re finally reaching the middle of 2020 and there are already so many problems happening in our mother earth. I’m happy and grateful because I and my family are doing okay and still sane. 2020 brings many unexpected moments and has emotionally drained for everyone. I don’t know if I can handle any more bad news or if I will be surprised to see upcoming news.

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Maybe we can nominate 2020 as the most unpredictable year in history. Let begin with the heartbreaking fires in Aussie, the tension between the US and Iran, floods in Indonesia, the coronavirus outbreak in China and currently become a global pandemic.

If you are afraid, so do I. Terrible news keep coming over and over again, and I don’t know when it’ll stop. I’ve been thinking about why it all happened and when it will stop. Have we been treating the earth that bad? Are we making the earth mad and start against us?

Currently, I live in Indonesia because I can’t go back to China for work. My country started the lockdown in March and I’ve been working from home for nearly half a year. In the beginning,  this lockdown makes me feel unmotivated. I can’t deny I used to have a mental breakdown because of the current situation. All my schedules have changed and postponed. By the time past by, I realize the lockdown brings many lessons for me. Staying and working at home makes me realize we’ve been taking many things on earth for granted. Before, the interaction between people, travelling, shopping, working and outdoor activity seems normal. But now, even a really simple outdoor activity is a precious privilege we can get.

Source from https://wildheartmedia.com/how-mindfulness-can-change-your-life/

Since the lockdown and after my worse breakdowns because of the current situation, I start to write a journal for my self, a reminder for myself to keep me have positive minds, more grateful and to let go of all bad things that stuck in my mind. Journaling is the best option for me to spill the hot tea inside me and make me able to list down more positive things and have a more productive life.

I believe everything happened for a reason. Looking from the bright side, 2020 taught me a lot of lessons and gave me unforgettable memories, especially I learned a lot to appreciate everything and to be more empathetic. Another example is I have a lot of free time with my family at home. My brother and I have lived abroad so it’s hard for us to spend time together. This situation makes us need to go back and be at home for an unpredictable time. There’s always a rainbow after the rain. I think behind this unfortunate event, we will see the bright side if we let ourselves see it.

Bad situations can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime. Blaming and pointing fingers will not solve anything. Being ungrateful and looking for the victim will not make us be a better individual. Other than spreading negativity, let hold each other hand, support each other and share love instead of making hateful comments. I hope people can be more aware and start to be more understanding. This period must be hard for everyone, we need to face it together because dealing with the problem together will make it easier and lighter.

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