The Next Destination

traveling-around-the-world-featured1-800x400Travel around the world is one of the dreams. I wish I can stay in a different place and learn about society. Last time, I spent 4.5 years in Singapore to complete my degree as a young teenager and you can find my blog about living abroad as a student here. Of course, I learn a lot of things bad and good experiences. Both sharpen my-self becomes a more independent young woman. After graduation, I came back to Indonesia but not stay in my hometown. Yes. I moved to Bali to experience new real-life lesions as an intern at Green School Bali.

failure-editedPeople always hope to have a perfect and beautiful life. In fact, nobody has a perfect life. For example is me. People around me tend to judge me as a lucky one. They said I can survive in Psychology because I’m lucky, get to graduate when I have the most difficult subjects because I’m lucky and I got the opportunity to do an internship at Green School because I’m lucky. Let me tell you, my life is not that perfect. I just never show it to people. I want people around me only know about my success not the process to become one. I experience not only one difficult time but a lot of it. However, all my failures are my motivation to do more in life. For example, when the first time I failed my IELTS Test. It hit me really hard, I was sad and almost gave up. But I think about my future, study abroad is a huge opportunity. Will I abandon it only because of failing my IELTS Test? The answer is NO. I try and work harder to get the best score in order to study abroad. And I get it! Not many people know that I failed my first test. They only know that I manage to go overseas and study Psychology at James Cook University Singapore. Many failures in my life motivated me to work harder. But I don’t ask you to fail before you get what you want. I want to say that the most important is you try your BEST to get your dream comes true. We are not a Cinderella in the fairy tale who has a fairy godmother to make our wish come true. We need to work hard to get a better life. Am I right?

yay-24180258-digitalInternship program makes me realize the importance of growing to have a better opportunity in life. After the internship, I tried to apply to some job positions all around Indonesia. I can’t deny, it’s hard to get an interview for a job nowadays. At that moment I realize my experience is not enough and never enough to get a better job. I know I need to have more talent to compete with other people. It is a pressure when some people on my age are already getting their real job. Well I know there are some people at my age who still enjoying their life with partying and do many fun things. But my goal, for now, is to experience a real job before the age of 25.

next-destination-writing-and-tourist-supplies_23-2147732542I plan to go overseas (again) to experience a new culture and environment. And I’m very lucky to have very supportive parents. After many discussion with my parents and friends, I decided to learn something that important to improve myself. I want to learn a new language as my third languages. I know it will not be easy since I don’t really like to study literature (I really bad in learning a new language). So, my next destination is Hangzhou (pardon me if I spell it wrong). It gonna be a new challenge for me to learn Chinese. I know I know, Mandarin is hard (from my perception). But, right now I don’t need judgment from people around me about my decision. I only need support.

Please share me your experience in learning a new language! So it can help to support me. I will go to Hangzhou at the beginning of November. So, I hope I can learn new things in Hangzhou. Looking forward to a new experience in the new place. Hope I will do fine there 🙂

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Thank you to read my blog, lovely people! ❤️

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