Be Strong and Love Yourself

In every life, there is always a moment or a period where a person struggles to make life more meaningful. And thought of struggles sometimes lead you to feel unhappy. Have you ever felling blues? As a human, it is normal when sometimes you feel sad and lonely through a difficult time. Also, mostly you will find the time when you able to bounce back, accept the reality and continue to be productive again. However, what if your sadness is excessive and starts to bother your daily life? What if you experience a dramatic change in your mood swing and your weight? It might be you experience a clinical depression or a major depression.

downloadMajor depression is a mental illness characterized by at least two weeks of low mood that is present across most situations and followed by low self-esteem, loss of interest in normally enjoyable activities, low energy, and pain without a reasonable cause. I believe no one willing to experience depression in life. We always expect to have a perfect life every day without any complicated problem. But again, in fact, no one will have a perfect life. There will be many kinds of problem that makes our life colourfull.

Nowadays, some people are not aware of depression. Sometimes, we shy to admit that we have that symptom which will make it worst in the long-term period. Depression is a serious situation where the person who experienced it need support from surrounding and not judgment. Not many countries have the education to prevent depression in life. While depression is a common thing that might appears in our lowest time. Therefore, some people tend to hide it because scared of the stereotype that grows in society. The question is what can we do to help? or what can we do to avoid these kinds of situation?

I might have not experienced depression in my life and I hope I won’t. But I admit I feel blues a couple of time in my life. Especially during my high school period. Luckily me I able to survive that blues period after I learn to love myself better. That’s not an easy thing to appreciate what we have when we always look at our weakness. Let the weakness become something that motivates you and make you stronger as a person. High expectation, social pressure, and many other problems could be a push pressure that someone feeling blue and could lead to depression when the person is not able to bounce back.

Back in high school, I used to be a person who is not confident with my body (yeah, I still learn to love myself better) and since I was a kid, my friend always judges myself based on my appearance which makes me more shy to make a friend. Body shaming is not okay and it will always be a major and common problem in life. I was not proud of myself and blaming all to me for everything. Based on my experience, I realize that expectation hurt me a lot. In my life, I try to be nice to people and ended up being used or they took me for granted. Or after they’re done with me they will replace me. My biggest fear in this world is being replaced and it hurts me so bad when one of my friends replace me after using me for their own good. Have you ever feel that you have a friend who always there when they need you and disappear when you need them?

d8a21d6dbd0c84e414bc897549ad741eAll bad experiences thought me to be stronger and more selective to choose my inner circle. It also show me the real people around me. I learn that I will feel happier when I love myself and accept myself. Sometimes we need to put ourselves first before other not because we are selfish. That’s the way you appreciate yourself. In the past, my expectation hurts me with many thoughts that I can’t explain. I always want people to like and be nice to me when the fact is not according to my expectation, I will feel sad and start blaming again. It’s not healthy and I change it. Let’s be nice to people with the limit. Give and help people when they need it and never expect to get a return from them.

If you are not happy with yourself, never compare yourself with someone above you because if you did you will never feel enough and keep asking for more. However looking up to people above us can be a motivation to do more things. Well, don’t forget to look at people below you to make you feel more grateful and appreciate what you have now.  My insecurity to make a new friend, scared of being used and being replaced sometimes haunted me until today. It’s not easy for me to accept new people instantly because of the trust issue. But I always questioned myself will they bring a positive vibe to me? Will they stand by in any situation? It helps me a lot to perceive life more positive. It helps me to ensure if they’re good people for me. Thoughts and expectations will let you down easily because you try to put 100% of effort and might be you get nothing in return. Well, I’m not saying that today I completely have a positive thought about the people around me, I still learn to build a positive mind to create a better life. Not for other people but for myself and my future. Finally, if you already learn to love yourself, your next step is finding friends who give you positive vibes and able to support you in any condition. If you have it, CONGRATULATIONS! You are ready to face any difficult things in your life. Don’t be afraid to select your inner circle, you need to surrounded by people who give you positive vibe to encourage you become a better individual and able to love yourself better.

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Thank you to read my blog, lovely people! ❤️

Happy Sunday all!

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