Beautiful Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

ženeWhat do you understand about being beautiful? Is that the physical looks? A personality?

I know many people will have different perception and meaning of beauty. Also, each culture has a different standard to defines the meaning of beauty. Some culture perceives beauty by looking at a girl’s feet, some put a lot of rings on their neck, another culture use tattoo and much more different perception of beauty in this world. From all differences in the world, in this modern era, many people start to sharpen the definition of beauty into physical appearance. For example, a woman can be pretty when they have a slim body and a long hair. Familiar with that opinion?

The definition that mentions beauty means slim or have an ideal body shape to lead some people to get a good body shape in many ways. Some people put effort and start a healthy lifestyle. However, the other choose an instant way to get the good shape. For example, consume diet pills, do excessive exercise and diet. Or, the worse is do an extreme diet which leads to Eating Disorder (ED). There are many kinds of eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. Are you familiar with that word? Have you heard it before?

1da5e5404889353d594f03f879e4284692d6a57f.jpgAnorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa are 2 different kinds of Eating Disorder that have the same intention, to maintain the body weight and to have their own body goal. Anorexia Nervosa is portrayed by ignoring the hunger, intentional control of energy and decrease level of nutrient intake in order to maintain weight. Individuals with AN can be marked by an extreme fear of gaining weight even if they are underweight. Another type is Bulimia Nervosa. It is related to unhealthy eating habit followed by purging and fasting. Moreover, it is also caused by negative mood or psychological stress. Additionally, BN is also portrayed by intense bingeing followed by purging and consumption of laxatives. If you want to see the example of an eating disorder and how to cope with it,  you can watch a movie called “Into The Bone” by Netflix.

There are many push factors that make a person experience an eating disorder. One of the reason is body dissatisfaction. I believe people will be born with own unique things that make them different from others. For example, some people will have long hair and the others not, some with tall posture and some are not. It does not define the meaning beautiful. However, many platforms show is showing the meaning of beauty is to have an ideal body shape, the perfect physical appearance, and a good daily life. Which it is impossible to have all the things in our life perfect. This makes another pressure in the adolescent who has unstable emotion to do anything to have everything perfect.

In Singapore, the research showed that the cases of adolescent experience Anorexia Nervosa were increased in from 130 cases in 2011 to 180 cases in 2013. Most of the reason is they are not happy with their body shape and the pressure from the public.

I believe everyone has an equal probability to have Eating Disorder. However, many adolescents have more tendency to have ED since they have unstable emotion and easy to react to the pressure from society. The research reported nine in ten people suffer from eating disorder were adolescent and two in sixty patients were boys. In my point of view, many female adolescents are paid more attention to their physical looks and have more fear of rejections. Therefore, most of the patients are the female adolescent. Even though most of the patients are female adolescents, it is important to give attention to adolescents in general because the highest numbers of people who have EDs are adolescents. There are many ways to treat eating disorder for the adolescent. But it will not easy. Social support is important to support the patient and make them feel more confident in their body. The social environment has a big role to change the perception of illness. Therefore, never let them down and support them as much as you can.

To be a beautiful person, it can’t be defined in one aspect. There are a lot of factors that make you beautiful. For example, you can be beautiful when you have a good attitude towards people. When you able to accept yourself and love yourself in your own way, you will feel beautiful. Also, confidence will make you more attractive in front of people. Taking a short way to have an ideal body shape will not give you a perfect life. It might give you more problem in the future.

I can’t deny that sometimes I feel unhappy about my body. I still learn to love and thankful for what I have. You don’t need to be shy to show the true you. Remember that no one is perfect. We all have our insecurity and it’s normal. But, don’t let anyone be the judge for what you are. Show them that your insecurity can be the power to make you feel beautiful.


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