My First Travel Blog – 3 Days Travel in Phuket

Traveling is a fun activity that you can do with your family, friends or maybe by yourself. On this trip, I decided to travel with my family to Phuket. It is not a long holiday trip but it was a great experience in Phuket. I’ll share to you where we were going during the trip. So, I can make some recommendations if you are planning to go to Phuket. I’ll start from the airplane ticket. As you know, not all airplane ticket is affordable, sometimes it will be quite expensive depending on the occasion. But, don’t worry. If you already plan the trip from a few months before, you can buy the ticket first to get a cheaper price. Also, don’t forget to book the hotel or your residence during your stay in Phuket. This time, I choose Patong Area. So here are my recommendation and review during my short trip with my family.

Arriving in Phuket

If this is your first-time visit Phuket like me, the first thing to do is find the data for your mobile phone. You have 2 options, buy the roaming data from your hometown or you can buy a Thailand number for tourists with your passport at the airport (199 baht* for 3 days).

To reach Patong area, I use taxi since I travel with my family. The price is quite affordable but it’s equal to the facilities that we get. You can choose to rent the whole car or waiting for other passengers. The cost is 900 baht for 5 people and 1.400 baht 5 people if you want to rent the whole car to Patong area.

Finding a comfortable accommodation

Finding a good location for your short trip is important because you want to spend every single minute to enjoy your holiday. However, you also need to stay in the comfortable accommodation so you will able to rest and relax your body. Therefore, I choose Patong as our destination area in Phuket. Patong has some entertainment places, around 5 minutes to Patong beach and many food markets. Such a good place to stay for a short holiday because of everything in one places.

I stayed at the Royal Beach Residence for 3 days and 2 nights and the price is 180 USD for 2 nights and 3 rooms. It is not a luxury place but it is clean and affordable. Each room has a standard facility such as a queen bed, toiletry, towel and a couple of mineral water. But, if you want more drinks or snacks, the mini market is right next to the guest house, you can choose many kinds of bars. They also have owned a restaurant on the first floor which sells a local food and western food, called Yam Thai Restaurant. Therefore, you don’t need to be worried about the food. All the people in the guest house also are very helpful to give a good recommendation for you to travel, especially if you come for the really short trip like us.

Activities that you can do in Phuket

In the first day, we spend most of the daily time trying a local food and have a rest. We tried the restaurant on the guest house and actually it was a good restaurant. They have many menus and not only a local food but some western menu also. Thailand is famous for their cabaret show. So, since we are in Phuket, we went to Simon cabaret show to watch the show at 9pm. IMG_3F1B78821763-1.jpegThey have 3 times performance such as 6pm, 7.30pm, and 9 pm. If you stay at Patong, you can easily walk to the place around 20 minutes (if you are not stopping for shopping). Don’t forget to bring more cash if you want to go shopping around Patong area. If you’ve been to Bali, Patong area is similar to Kuta area (in my opinion).

In the second day, we went to enjoy the small island around Phuket. Phuket is famous for their beach. Therefore, we did an island hopping since we only have limited time in Phuket. Phuket vacation travel was helping us to arrange the trip. I believe if book the trip in advance you will get a special price. IMG_7423.jpgFrom all island, I fell in love with the James Bond Island. They have many good places for you to take pictures. According to the local, that island has been a location for a movie “A Man with The Golden Gun”.  

We went to around 5 islands in one day. It was tiring but also fun. Every island has their own uniqueness and local people in Phuket keep the place clean so it is comfortable for the tourist to come. For example, when we went canoeing, the local able to describe the place and showing us many good spots to take pictures. They also promote the craft by local people on the island.

The last thing that you need to know is the weather. Unfortunately, I came in the rainy seasons. That’s the reason I can’t try some sports water during my trip to some island around.


*1 USD = 33 baht

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