Getting Older or Become More Mature

Creative-First-Birthday-Party-Ideas.jpgOn my 23rd birthday, I’m so happy that surrounded by my family. This is my first year after 5 years abroad celebrating my birthday with them. Since I was young, I always ask myself the meaning of birthday in people life, especially in my life. Is that the party? Is that the decoration? Is that the present? Or the cake and the song? I know that every year I will celebrate my birthday and getting older. However, while my age is growing, will my maturity also grow with my age or still in the same stage?

2ec3a7f4338e21a3c05e03ae0164faff.jpgIn psychology, we have 4 different kinds of age in people life. What makes them different from each other? Getting older during your birthday is not guarantee that another age is also getting old. Chronological Age is the actual number that you celebrate it every year. Some people said that chronological age doesn’t relevant to understanding people’s psychological development. Biological Age is a person’s age in terms of biological age. A person’s vital capacities may be better or worse than those of others of comparable age. Biological age usually is related to how healthy you are at your age. Getting older usually people will have challenges in their biological age. Your biological age will decrease when you are getting older if you can’t manage your healthy lifestyle. Psychological Age is related to problem-solving skills and your maturity toward the social problem. Psychological age can be increased significantly when you sharpen your maturity in your society. For example, you willing to learn and respect differences in your social life. The last is the Social Age. Social Age is related to your role in the society. Usually, getting older people will have a higher position in the society according to how hard they willing to try.

Learning Psychology makes me understand that birthday is just the celebration of the increases of our chronological age and it doesn’t guarantee that you will have a better life after it. We need to reflect and ask ourselves if we change every year become a better person and have a good quality of life.

During my birthday, I want to think about the meaning of number 23 in my life. Twenty-three years after my birth, what have I done to my life? Do I have a purpose in life or just letting the time past and stand still in my position?

1385785_10151811836755914_1412004220_nFor me, 23 is just a number and reminder. Become 23 means I’m stepping another part of my life, become a young adult. 23 means I have more responsibility for myself. 23 means I need to be able to set my long-term goal not only for myself but also for the people around me. 23 means I need to be ready to receive more critique from people and take it as a lesson. And 23 means I can’t be childish and depend on other people. I realize that regretting and blame my past will not bring me to a successful future. The present is the matter to change your future but you can’t change your past.  So, other than keep asking what I DID that in the past? Start asking yourself what WILL you do to change your future? Changing your perception will help you to start it fresh and motivating you to do more than before. Every birthday I make my own personal goal and also I look at the previous goal. Do all my goal complete? Should I improve it? These kinds of thought are healthier other than blaming your past that wouldn’t change.

Getting older doesn’t’ mean it change your maturity, social status, and your healthy body. You and I need to work really hard to have a good social status and any other thing without being dependent on other people. Some people are only become older and not growing inside, and it is a real problem when you reach an adult age. According to the Developmental Psychology Theory by Erikson, regretting your past and not doing something for changes will make you experience despair when you reach the age of maturity (around 65 years old). We need to be brave to take a decision to make a change in your life. Because getting older means more expectations will come to destroy you or to make a better version of you. Everything will be only in your mind to see a challenge as a motivation or a distraction.

Happy MyDay.



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