1428456294765Human is a social being who need interaction with others to adapt and survive the environment. If you like to travel and study in the different place, you would probably experience many different habits everytime you come to the new place and you will learn something new again and again. It would be great if you are able to adapt and fit the society in a different situation. However, sometimes we force our-self too much to make people accept us in the community and the worse is we do whatever it is to make us fit their criteria. For example, we force ourselves to change our appearance and become someone else just to make other accept us. Is that wrong to do that? In my opinion, adapting to the new society is important. But, it doesn’t mean we need to completely change what we have just to please people. From what I know, a good friend will not see you only from your physical appearance. Right?

Since I was young, I only know that a good friend is someone who always is there for me in any situation, a person who always include me to have fun and someone who always listen to my complaints about anything. And at that time, I will feel sad when I have no one to share with. I might not have many friends in my life and I used to feel sad about that. I was asking myself why I don’t have many friends like other? Is that something wrong with me? I learn that each society will classify the groups according to the standard that society makes.

Find-Good-Friends-Step-21However, growing up make me understand. I don’t need a lot of friends to make me happy and grow. I need a good quality of friends who can support me to learn new things. I understand, during teenager, we usually choose friends base on the popularity, what they have, and physical appearance. But, we never think about their quality as a good friend.

Building a friendship with people around you is good to maintain since you are young. The friendship that you have will help you survive the society in the future. If they are a good friend, you can learn from each other about many things. A good friendship will grow to become strong when it based on trust and sincerity.

However, in this society, you find a friend who gives you negative influences. It is okay to have a friend with a bit of “spice”, a life will be so boring if you always do a good stuff right? Become a rebel sometimes is good. But, you need to have a friend who knows the limit and not drag you into a negativity.

233509-Good-Friends-Care-For-Each-Other...close-Friends-Understand-Each-Other...true-Friends...As you grow, you will understand that your inner circle will get smaller. You will more selective when you choose your friend. I experience that the more I get older, I become more selective to choose my circle, especially my inner circle. I want to have a good quality of friends to help me become a better person. Because of that, I don’t trust people easily. I keep my circle not a lot. People might I ask why I can be so humble with others but I don’t have many friends. I only can say that building a relationship with a good quality of friends is more important rather than have so many friends who drag you to instant happiness. Having a small circle of friends doesn’t mean that you will suffer in your life. It is better to have friends who can support your future and help you to have a better life in the future right?

Remember, don’t be sad if you have fewer friends than others. Think about the value of friends that you have. Good friends will teach you about life and never judge you by your appearance.

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