Study Abroad 101

Untitled designI’m so lucky to have really good parents who facilitate me to have many rare opportunities in my life. For example, my experience to study abroad in Singapore.

I went to Singapore in 2013 to have Bachelor in Psychology. It’s not an easy journey but it is unforgettable memories for me.

My journey starts when I apply for my Foundation before my degree. But, This blog is not about how I get my Bachelor Degree but how I survive in Singapore as an international student. It might help you if you want to study abroad, especially in Singapore.

First, why Singapore and not any other place?

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 2.02.37 PMI was not an independent woman back then. Until today I still learn to be more independent and able to handle a small and big challenge in front of me. Almost all my needs were provided by my parent and obviously, my parent was not trusting my decision to study abroad.

This is why my parents choose to let me go to Singapore. In their opinion,  Singapore is not too far from my hometown. In the end, to learn to be independent you just need to learn to stay by yourself and education is same anywhere you go. Living in Singapore by myself really changing me and the way I perceive the world. Study abroad teach me a lot of things and shape me to become the new person now. I faced many happy and sad experience from study abroad (from what I experience). Now I will tell the good experience of study abroad.

Study abroad will make you live in the new place, new people and everything new and might be strange. It forces me unconsciously to survive without depending on my parents. It will be impossible if my parent needs to fly to Singapore everytime I face a problem. The first week in Singapore is the worst nightmare that I have at that time. Before, I don’t like to talk and to explore a new environment. I prefer to be at home, watching movies from my laptop, and just being alone. But I realize, it will not work. I don’t have anyone there so I need to force my self to explore my environment to know the place of the market, food center and clinic around my house. Unconsciously I become more independent because of that. I have the ability to start a conversation with other and learn many survival things because of I live by my self.

11049568_556095431204817_7174269286512397884_nIn University, I meet a lot of people from different part of the world and learn about their culture and beliefs. I meet a lot of people who are now becoming my good friends. University teaches me about the good and the bad of western and eastern culture and how to adapt to both cultures. For example, in society, western people are more open than eastern. From that, I learn to be more open and straightforward to what in my head. However, in eastern culture, sometimes, too open can be rude. It forces me to adapt and able to socialize with both people from a different culture.

12191799_556094827871544_1860793984224022654_nI joined an Indonesian Student Club in my University on 2015-2016. It made my university life more colorful, not only studying from lectures but I learn more about organization and leadership skills from the organization. The organization makes my connection wider than before. I know some university staff, more students from different universities, and some of the people from the embassy.  I learn to manage and handle new events. It was challenging since I need to balance my university life, social life, and the organization. But I got many lessons from all my friends there.

I’m happy that my parent always supports my study and my decisions. It makes me more responsible in taking my decision. My parent gives me the freedom to have the social life, have many friends, and many things. From my parent, I understand that the freedom that my parent gave is based on their trust in me. The trust makes me be responsible for what I decide, cause everything happens in the future is based on my decision. The freedom makes me selective in choosing my circle. Not because I’m picky about choosing a friend. But, I prefer to have a small circle of friends who are able to support and give me positive influence in life.

 It’s about pushing your limits and
venturing beyond your comfort zone.

When you feel that you are not ready to live by yourself. Don’t be afraid of stepping out of the box to see another part of the world. Another experience will come and teach you another lesson in life.

As I said, all experience will bring you to two sides of the story. There will always a good experience and the unexpected experience that you prefer not to happen. All experience will bring a new journey to teach you new things. Maybe later I will tell you the “unexpected” experience in Singapore.


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