The Best Teacher in Life

To be a person who has a good personality and good skills, we need good people to support our progress and teach us more. Learning is a lifetime experience, means we will never stop learning every day. Have you ever think, who is the best teacher in your life? your middle school teacher?  Your mom? Your university lectures? The answer is yes. All of them are the good teacher. They teach you everything you need to know to deal with society in the real world. However, don’t you think about other things that teach you many things that you might not found it in your school and university life? Yes! Experience.

The Best Teacher who teach the lesson of life

Life is full of new and unexpected experience which may be good or bad, happy or sad, pleasurable or painful. As long as you able to look at the world from different perception, every day is a new day with new things to learn. Many times, people will advise you to learn from the experience.

Experience is the best teacher of all.
And for that, there are no guarantees
that one will become an artist.
Only the journey matters.

-Harry Callahan-

I can take an example from my life, I face a lot of experience which some is good and bad times. But, I enjoy them all. Failure teaches me to work harder and not giving up to achieve my goal. Success teaches me that achievement can motivate us to do more things in the future. I learn that experience teaches me something that I never ever get it from school or maybe from home. Something that I learn for me and myself. For example, broken heart, deal with bullies, become more independent, and many more. All my experience builds my character now. Experience sharpen yourself to be a better person. You learn from your mistake and try to not repeat the same thing and from success, you learn to practice your skills and level up.

I understand, life is unfair and will always be like that. However, if you keep that perspective, you will not make any difference. Why don’t you stop complaining and do something about it? I believe it will have more good impacts in the future.

c24bc3ff54ba7ead23a56e235cb4bab2What you need to do?

Failure is normal. Millions of success people start from the bottom and have hundreds of failures before they achieve their goal. Don’t let anyone bring you down. Do the best on whatever you do now to achieve whatever you want in the future. Take all bad comments around you and all failure to be a motivation and try to improve. Remember, in the end, it will just you and yourself. Don’t bother with people who only be passed by, pay attention to people who care and give you solution not only complain.

Remember, we don’t live to please others. Just be strong, focus on your goal and start to make a change in your life. Your experience will be the best teacher who will teach you a life lesson. It will make you grow to be a better person when you able to see from the right perspective.

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