To Smile – Look Back at Nice Memories

IMG_2855I still remember many months ago I  sent an email to Green School and have a big hope to get an internship there. Something that only in my dream, come to reality. So glad for this new path of my life.

I never expect that it will be so hard to say goodbye to people in Green School. This might be the best opportunity to be the intern crew in Green School. Time flies really fast and now is the time to say goodbye to everyone in Green School. Sad that the internship will end soon but glad that I can share what I have with people and get new knowledge in return. I think this blog is special to all of the people that I met in Green School and teach me about many things (obviously I can’t list them one-by-one).

Firstly, yeay! My Internship program is done and I’m glad that I can finish it!

All of the experiences at Green School become amazing and unforgettable memories. And I believe you will not find it anywhere. Now, Green School has a special place in my heart.

If you have the opportunity to learn in Green School as an intern, volunteer or anything. I suggest you take it! It will not be easy but you should try. I can say that it will be a roller coaster journey. No matter how long you will be in Green School, you will find many unexpected things and people will say “bend like a bamboo” or “EWOP (Everything Work Out Perfectly)”. At first, I wonder how people at Green School are adapt easily and able to say it in every situation. But, after few months I understand something. Those words force me to think fast to make a decision and to be creative.

And I think I did it!

I can’t describe how thankful I’m to be part of Green School Community. I am surrounded by amazing, talented, funny and indescribable people. All of them gave me something new to learn. Well, not continuing working in Green School doesn’t mean stop me to learn especially about sustainability. In Green School, I’m not only finding a new community and connection but also a new friends and family.

2D292A45-3C3F-446D-A545-CC3C71D928A4A really special shout out for all intern crew.

For all intern crew, I hate you but I love you for sure! You are the best!

Thanks for these past 6 months, all dramas, tears, laughter, and everything make my intern life become colorful. I’m glad that I met you and know you as friends and working partner.

Our argumentation shows that we all are different and unique. That makes me understand all of them more day-by-day. It will be really hard to not see each other every day. I’m gonna miss it!

Everything we’ve been through makes me realize that time flies really fast and it sad that to say goodbye! I hate to say goodbye to them. It means I will not see all these people for maybe a long time and I’ll miss them.

In the last assembly, all of the people are emotional in sending other who will move and not be continuing in Green School. I personally sad that I need to leave Green School, it hard to get into Green School but I think harder to leave. I’m gonna miss everything about Green School. It is really touching when people have the goodbye ceremony to send others who are not continuing. No matter how long you’ve already in Green School, you will feel that it’s hard to leave. Green School has been the best experience for me in 2018 so far. People in Green School have transformed me into a better person who has a better personality and skills.


So, for now…

Thank you for your part of my journey and see you when I see you!




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