The Finish Line

Well, it almost the end of my internship program in Green School. Five months in Green School feels like a short period to learn new experience. I learn many unexpected things, such as operating Photoshop, editing a blog for school and trying to post a story on my blog consistently. It was not an easy thing to do and need a process and I did that all already. I still need more practice to improve my new skills. The things that love in Green School, the environment, and the people motivate me to grow to improve to the maximum level.

Another event after Sustainable Solutions 2018 and also the last event for me in Green School is Indigenous Gathering. It is the event where many tribes from Indonesia and outside Indonesia come to share their culture and how the modern people perceive their culture. It was a really great experience to see many tribes from Indonesia performing, telling their history and telling how the tradition survive in the middle of the modern era. Even though the event was only 2-days, the tensions and difficulties were forcing us to able make many last-minute decisions. The language barrier also became one of the big problems in the event. Not every one of them able to speak English and also some of them only speak with their language. Luckily that we have interpreter from their tribe that helps us translate to Bahasa and our interpreter translate it to English.


This event makes me realize that Indonesia has many cultures to keep or it will fade with modernization. Some of the elders from many tribes found that some of the young generations prefer to follow a modern era and leave behind the tradition. Sometimes, tradition is hard to manage, but it is part of the treasure that we need to keep. As a young generation, I think it is important to learn our culture and tradition because it is part of our identity. Tradition makes us unique and different from others. It is the true identity that exists before we born. Keeping and maintaining a tradition will be a huge responsibility for us. But, it will make the next generation still able to enjoy in the future. Culture makes us learn to understand the diversity around us and learn to respect each tradition is important and has a meaning behind it.

All events are a wrap now. It makes me things what will I do next?

I know it almost the end of my internship and that means I need to say goodbye to all my friends. However, the finish line doesn’t mean the journey end, but the journey will continue to the new path, new place, and new challenge. Bunch of ideas flying through my head.

I know I’m reaching the final lines. But it is only the final lines to make me continue to the next step of my life, something that more complex than this experience. It is fun and interesting experience to step-up my comfort zone.

I can’t wait to see and experience the new challenge in the next step.


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