Off the Record – Sustainable Solutions 2018

It has been two-weeks I didn’t write anything on my blog. The past two weeks have already been super tiring but fun weeks for me. Have you heard about Sustainable Solutions 2018? Do you ever think about our environmental problems? Do you want to solve it? Here I present to you the event which provides many solution providers and many people that aware and willing to make our mother earth better than before.

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Last week, from 16th – 20th April 2018, Green School Bali handle an annual event called Sustainable Solutions. Many solution providers were come and share their experience to others, there are also NGO, school and many people from around the world come to participate, learn, and share the information about their self-awareness to solve the world environmental problems.

I was so amazed at all the participates that flew from many countries just too attend Sustainable Solutions 2018. It was such an amazing experience that I can be a part of the event team to prepare Sustainable Solutions 2018. I admit it was a tiring and hectic time during the preparation but I learn a lot of things. I get many experiences that others did not get it since I am on the event team but at the same time I able to join in some talks and workshops in Sustainable Solutions.

I think I will tell you a very long story start with the preparation for the event until the Sustainable Solutions 2018 closing celebration. As I mentioned in my previous blog, this year Green School is celebrating their 10th year anniversary. Because of that, I have a huge responsibility as part of event team to make Sustainable Solutions 2018 become more special and different from last year. This is made more pressure on me since it was a first huge event that I contribute as event team in Indonesia. There will be a lot of differences from handling an event in Singapore so I still need to learn new kinds of stuff.

This is the first time that I work with a small group of event team since before in Singapore I was working with a bigger team with more number of people in it. However, new experience makes me learn new things, such as small group means less conflict inside the team. It is easier to discuss and formatting the event when we have a smaller group of people, and the decision- making also is faster and make use not consume a lot of time to do the meeting.

The first time I heard that we will create a 5-days event for Sustainable Solutions 2018, I know it was not an easy project to do. I was worried since I still learning to handle this kind of project. But, if we are not trying we never know what would happen. Luckily that I have a team that always support, help and correcting me. By the time I get used to it. I can do many new things that I was not usually doing. For example, helping to handle Social Media. I was really bad at making caption or do promotion in Social Media and now I can do it even though I still need correction from others (but at least I try). Secondly, now I am able to editing website. It is a really big thing for me since I am not good at all to use any kind of software (but still, I cannot create a website from the sketch. It needs an expert skill to do it and I am not in that level YET).  The last, I was in charge to handle all volunteers for Sustainable Solutions 2018. I usually have a bad habit that I do not trust people easily. But, since we need to work together with the volunteers, I need to put trust on them in a really quick time and I already do it (hopefully). I am so grateful that all volunteers really help us to prepare all decoration and last minutes stuffs.


From the preparation time for Sustainable Solutions, I get some critique and advice from a lot of people. AND I learn to never say that “I AM NOT CAPABLE” or “I CANNOT DO IT”, cause without trying I will never know the outcome. Be more professional and DO NOT MAKE ANY CRITIQUE PERSONAL! Critique will improve your skills for the upcoming event.

So, what did I do during the preparation? Starting from formatting the schedule and set a different theme for each day, contacting many capable speakers and workshop facilitator, polishing our schedule with many interesting activities and finally we are done with the schedule and ready to go for Sustainable Solutions 2018. And if you are curious about what is happening during Sustainable Solutions 2018, I will share the story about it in my next blog. But, you can check the Instagram and see all the events. I am so blessed to have such a great team and help me to grow and be a better person with new skills.


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