The Movement for A Second Change

Without our conscious, our earth becomes worse day by day. Many environmental problems cannot be fixed but growing and damage our mother earth. In Indonesia, not everyone realizes the importance of managing our environment to be a better place. Some people throw their waste irresponsibly and create a new problem for the environment. In my head, I wonder when we can solve these problems and live more sustainable to have a better environment? Can we solve these problems? How to change it? How to make people aware of this problems?

Before I came to Green School, my knowledge about sustainability is under average or almost nothing. I understand there is reuse, reduce and recycle but I never apply it in my daily habit. I willing to learn more about sustainability and apply it in my daily habit. I realize that it is impossible to change people mind instantly, so we need to start to make a change other than waiting for others. People in Green School initiative create an event that encourages people to be more sustainable and educate local people to manage their own waste.

2018-02-25-PHOTO-00000140Last Sunday, people in Green School create an event called Ngayah. Ngayah is a Balinese term means contributing without expecting anything to return. Therefore, we hope all participants will contribute sincerely to support the Indonesian National Trash Day by doing cleaning up around Sibangkaja area.

2018-02-25-PHOTO-00000124In this event, there were six Banjars (village) and four schools involved in this celebration. The main purpose is this event is simple, to increase each person awareness about the importance of their responsibility for their own waste. Moreover, Green School educate local people to manage their own waste by sorting out their trash and classify the trash into certain categories. I have a chance to volunteer in this event and I can see their spirit to learn more about sustainability.

IMG_1202I have a responsibility to be in Green School and be responsible to welcome all participants. I can see that all local people contribute sincerely to do the trash walk and sorting the trash. They learn that to have a better environment, we need to follow the process. All my friend who was going to the Banjars and school around Sibangkaja told me that the participants show the willingness to help and to apply it in their lifestyle.

To build the relationship with the local people in Sibangkaja area, Green School also offer a refreshment, give them opportunities to experience Green School and give them such a beautiful performance from KKC students.

IMG_4903.JPGI impressed by the KKC student, their willingness and effort to have a better environment make me realize that young generation will have a chance to change the world in the future in a very good way.  During Ngayah, they inspire local people and primary school around Sibangkaja to manage own waste in a good way. KKC students use their talent to spread out the message to support waste management and be responsible to our trash with a show called “Trash Monster”.It melts my heart when they explain how people treat their trash irresponsibly and blame the trash when the disaster come.


I believe that everyone will deserve a second chance as long as they willing to change. Perhaps in the past, people unaware of their environment. I hope that by educate people and share experience in Ngayah, people will get a better understanding and willing to improve to restore our mother earth. As a young generation, I feel that we have a chance to make the world become a better place and decrease the waste. There is no an instant change, but we can try step-by-step and hand-in-hand to restore the world.


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