The Internship

memememeMy goal after graduation is to gain more experience to have a good CV for a better future. I assume in this era we need to have more than one skill to have a good carrier. Therefore, learning is important. My experience in volunteering during university make me willing to learn from others not only in Singapore area but also around the world. After graduation, I came back to Indonesia and have an opportunity to explore another place. I choose Bali to be one of my destinations since Bali has a similar environment with Singapore. Bali has a multicultural people which allow me to learn more. The first time I heard about Green School was from my lecture in my university. He explained how Green School educate their student with the unique learning environment. After I do a lot of research, I believe Green School would help me to develop and learn more skills that I didn’t get during university. People said to be an intern I the Green School is not an easy thing to do. Therefore, I will share my experience during the process of recruitment before I get my internship program at the Green School.

Arsitektur-Green-SchoolI got the information regarding internship from their website. I found that the process to be hired as an intern is not easy and it was a long journey. First, I submit my CV to Green School which describe my current activity, my previous experience, and my background. After that, I need to wait for the first interview. The first interview session was created to know your general background and interest. If they willing to have you as an intern, they will set the second interview with the head of the department according to your interest. For instance, after the first interview, I have a second interview with the head of the event in the Green School to be on in their team. The second interview was more specific to your interest and your willingness to work in that department. All question regarding your background, your past experience and also your expectation to be one of the interns. After all set, you will meet the previous intern in the event department to share their experience and give you the advice to be an intern in the Green School. When I got accepted by them, I realize a lot of people want to get this opportunity and the process to be in the Green School is not easy and I can proudly say to people that I get this huge opportunity.

However, after I come to Green School, I know there are many communities who can help you to be part of the internship. One of the community is called YSEALI. They will provide a similar process but more specific. For instance, most YSEALI people will work in KKC or in KemBali Department. You can read how they hire the intern member from one of my intern friends, Dian. She will explain it in her story to be an intern at Green School.


After the long process to be an intern, here am I. In my opinion, no matter where you come from and how you apply for the internship, when you already become an intern you are all equal, capable and have a unique specialty which makes you are here. Our strength and weakness make us work for the different department and I feel so grateful that I’m working with a good people in the Event Department where I can learn from them and have more skills. For six months, I will use this huge opportunity at Green School to have and develop better skills.

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