A Substitute Teacher

Since I was young, I always have a dream to be someone who can help people. Getting older make my desire become more specific. I want to pursue my dream by helping to educate them and help them to find their own way become successful. After graduate, I feel that I have more responsibility to educate and give a young generation an opportunity to learn and to develop their knowledge. English is one of the important languages in the world. Reading, speaking, listening and writing are methods that used to open the gate to the outside world. When an individual able to understand English, they will have a bigger opportunity to get more information from anywhere they want.

I find that young generation needs to have the ability to change the world. We can’t deny that young generation will have a unique and brilliant idea to make a change. Therefore, it is important to facilitate them in many ways. Not only financial support, but we need to give them a better education to help them have an open-mind towards new things. In Green School, everyone has an equal freedom to learn and to express their feeling. Green School not only provide their student facilities to explore but also provide local children learn more about new experiences.

20184Green School has a department which gives an opportunity to local children to learn English by collecting 5kg recycling trash, called Kul Kul Connection (KKC). KKC provides a teacher to teach them 1 hour each day. Moreover, they also have many activities for the local children to develop their inner talent. They provide cooking class, performance class and many more. This week, I have an opportunity to be a teacher in one of KKC Class. They give me an opportunity to teach 2 KKC classes which make me anxious and not confident enough about my teaching skills. I understand that I graduate from Bachelor of Psychology and have many experiences to talk with children. However, I have never been in the class as a formal teacher for students between grade 5 and grade 6. Even though it is only to be a substitute teacher, I can feel the pressure because it is really hard to be a good teacher. All teacher in KKC is a good teacher with a lot of experience which make me more nervous. I admit that I love to work for people especially to work with children. However, it becomes a pressure since I will be a stranger who suddenly come to their class and teach them. I worry that they will have a really high expectation or they will not like the way I teach. All my thought about what will happen in the class make the pressure getting higher than before for myself. On the one side, I grateful that I have an opportunity to be in class with KKC student as a teacher.


I tried to prepare my self and the material one day in advance in order to make myself confident to stand in front of KKC student. I also asked KKC Team for the advice about how to be a good teacher for their student. They said “teaching with your heart”. Their simple suggestion makes me think about my first desire to work with children. Teaching children does not mean we need to be the best teacher. When we able to teach them with heart and passion, the children will able to see and feel comfortable with us and have the motivation to learn. Therefore, to be a good teacher we need more than skills and knowledge. As a new teacher in their class, I need to provide a comfortable environment for them to build their trust.

I came to KKC Class one day before my class. My purpose is to see the way KKC teacher teaches and build a good relationship with the student. I learn from one of KKC teacher that there are many ways to approach and to handle the class. I see the teacher spirit to encourage and to make them have the confidence to talk. I see that is not only about how expert the teacher leads the class but also how big is your passion to be a teacher.

20183The day has come. Since morning I feel so worried, anxious, and I don’t know to describe what is in my mind. I worry that I will disappoint KKC Team, worry that I cannot teach the student in a nice way, and worry that the student will not listen to me. When the time for me come, I feel insecure about my skills. I don’t know who are they and they don’t know me which make the situation awkward in the beginning. I tried couple time to make and build-up their mood to study. But it was not easy and I understand. After a couple of conversation, they start to talk and respond to what I ask and make a learning process better than I expected.

2018Today I have an opportunity to see nine wonderful KKC students. I have two different classes with a different atmosphere which lead me to explore more about teaching skills. They teach me to be more aware to help them and see the situation around. For instance, I need to be more aware when they were not brave enough to ask or just not confident to say the answer. Approaching student is not an easy job. I need to build and gain trust from them before they feel comfortable. Their spirit to learn, make me grateful that I surrounded by people who give me support which sometimes makes me take it for granted. I am so lucky that Green School gives me the opportunity to see and learn more about society and communication. I am so lucky that I have an opportunity to tach KKC student even for one day.

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