The Intern House

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Intern house is one of the facilities that Green School Bali gives to all interns. There are two separate houses for the intern, the boy’s house, and the girl’s house. Since we are surrounded by bamboos and the area is isolated, it is important for us to have a good connection with each other to keep all of us safe. This story will tell the experience to live in the girls’ house with some limitation in the house. The first time I came to the house, I feel that the place is isolated in the middle of the jungle. The house has a nice environment with so many trees but we need to deal with many different types of insects outside and inside the house. The house itself has three rooms and one kitchen. In the intern house, we do not have any entertainment stuff with forcing us to talk with another and entertain each other with jokes, gossips and cooking night. Luckily that all the girls able to deal with this situation.

It is not easy to live with many girls in the same house. Girls have many details that hard to understand. I will stay with five other girls in the same house for six months during the internship program. The first week was difficult for us since we need to adjust our habits and learning to understand other. Compromising is important when we choose to live outside with new people. Understanding privacy also is important to show our respect to other and avoid unwanted conflict. Living with so many girls in the one place we need to deal with every drama in the house. From the tiny not important conflict until big important conflict. It can be because of misunderstood or just because we joke at the wrong time and wrong situation. However, as long as we able to communicate it with other I believe we will avoid the drama except if the girl chooses to be close and consider communication is not an important thing.

It has been almost a month in the intern house. I admit that there is diversity among us. Some girls like to isolate their self and some like to have a conversation. We have our inner jokes that not everyone understands which make us closer to each other. Entertaining each other is an important responsibility in our house. We joke about each other, have a late-night talk session and cook together every day. A month in the intern house make me understand that effort is important to make new friends. Without enthusiasm to make a friend and being close-minded will just create a distance from the outside world. Living with them make me aware that we still need privacy and everyone must understand it. For instance, we cannot just come and grab stuff without permission. Also, is important to respect other and working hand in hand when cleaning the house not only command other to do what we want.

To avoid any drama and conflict, we started to make some rules that we need to follow and signed by us. Every time we break the rule, we need to pay as a consequence. All money will go to our money box to fulfill our need during the internship. We hope that by having the rules we can be more aware of our environment.






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