The New Chapter

Hi! My name is Vania Devina. I’m 22 years old and I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Psychological Science in Singapore. During my studies, I always wondering what I wanted to be after receiving my Bachelor. Questions such as, should I continue and pursue masters, work. As of now, I got an opportunity to join an internship program in a famous school called Green School Bali.

After graduation, I decided to find an internship from various sources and found that Green School Bali is recruiting for an internship. I’ve been interested in this program for a year before I submit my CV and I believe joining an internship is the best move for me to polish my skills and experience new things in a new environment.


The sole reason why I chose Green School Bali it’s because of their unique teaching. They encourage a more hand on experience approach to teaching rather than sitting for hours in a classroom and Green School gives an opportunity for local students to have a local scholarship. The school educates all students and local people to filter and separate trash, using more organic stuff and encouraging children to explore their own ideas of sustainability which makes the school’s namesake. To be an intern in Green School is not an easy job because we need to work with new people and it requires individuals own unique creativity. Becoming an intern allows experiencing new things inside and outside of the school. They require us to be more initiative in doing our job and responsibility.

I started this journey as a new chapter of my life. This is my next step in understanding the world around me. In Bali, I live in the intern house with another 5 female colleagues. In total, there are 14 interns with different backgrounds, expertise in their own major and cultures. It took less than a day for us to become close and open to each other. We spent our first week in the Green School introducing one another, the departments and to the community inside the school. I am amazed that all interns come from a completely different background which makes us unique in our own way. Therefore, we work in different departments in the Green School that suits our strength and weakness. The experience I had in Singapore allows me to have an opportunity to work with the Event Department with a group amazing people in the Event Team.

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-24 at 11.45.31 AM.jpeg

The first day of work is never easy. The first day in the Green School, I was asked to manage a big event in the Green School that need me to adapt instantly and memorizing different people in school. Now, I deeply understand the importance of community during the preparation of the event based on my observation from different department working hand in hand to make sure the event is a success. The first event of my initial week of the internship was so important as it marks the 10th Year Anniversary of Green School. They organized an event of celebration and the first event of 2018 is Soul Shine and Farmers Market.

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-23 at 9.19.27 AM.jpeg

It has been almost a month as an intern and I learn the importance of adaptation. I am really grateful that I got a good opportunity to be here and to meet new people. I hope that I can share my experience with everyone around me, polishing and refining my skills as time goes during my internship. Lastly, over the course of my internship, exposing to many different cultures has impacted me in a way that the world is small after all especially in Green School where there are many people from different cultures and traditions and to respect each different unique backgrounds and lifestyle.

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